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About Rodrigo Tibyriçá

I grew up in a very loving family in Brazil, so family means everything to me. I was always a creative soul, and in 2008 I decided to focus my creative energy on photography. I have worked in several fields: from product photography, to fashion, to documentary. With time, I found myself feeling less interested in commercial work, and more in connecting with real people, and that’s why I now dedicate myself to family and wedding photography.



I believe Photography should be available to everyone, no matter your culture, religion, social status or gender. Love is love and family is family.

I have a candid style of photography, and I will always opt for the real instead of the trendy. When I'm shooting, I focus on people, moments, emotions and connections.

I also believe that​ I can give you a more personal and less distracting experience if I work alone, and that's why most of the times I don't bring another photographer with me.


About Our Business

We are a husband and wife business.

While I, Rodrigo, will be your photographer and main contact, you might also get to meet my wife Ana in one of our meetings or shoots. You also might get to meet our children, because, let’s be honest, we are a package deal haha. 


Because we are a small family business, you always get direct access to us, and don’t have to deal with big business bureaucracy. Also, because we are a family same as you, we are more aware of your necessities and of the value of capturing special moments, so you can be sure we will take good care of you.